I'm an astronomer, author, speaker and consultant based in the UK and US. I specialise in the rewarding task of connecting people to their shared universe, by exploring the night sky and our understanding of it. I'm a passionate and resolute stargazer, and I believe that a connection to the night sky is a fundamental part of the human experience. In all my endeavours, I aim to strengthen that relationship and promote a positive impact for current and future generations.


I provide astronomy event expertise, talks, and consultancy on space and astronomy topics for a wide variety of projects including: observatory design, astrotourism, high-profile and corporate speaking engagements, TV and film accuracy evaluation, and more. If you have a project that requires an astronomer and you'd like to join my list of satisfied clients, please click here and get in touch.


I work across a variety of disciplines and I am actively exploring numerous voluntary projects. My current interests include popular culture as a means for astronomy communication, the intersection of astronomy and mindfulness, light-pollution awareness and mitigation, and VR development for immersive educational experiences. I don't maintain active webpages for these projects yet, but anything that becomes sufficiently compelling will be detailed here in future. In the meantime, it's best to contact me if you'd like to know more.

I've authored and contributed to numerous bestselling books about the night sky. Writing for both adults and children, I strive to create concise and comprehensive reference guides, as well as engaging and educational stories for young readers. I enjoy writing to the highest standard, and from a position of authentic experience, filling my books with authoritative information. Summaries of my most recent titles can be found here.

Diamonds Everywhere

ISBN: 978-0008636968

Explore the entire cosmos in 101 fascinating topics – from mind-blowing numbers, astonishing sights, to strange-but-true discoveries and everything in between. Feed your cosmic curiosity with this comprehensive guide to the Universe, featuring 101 out-of-this-world astronomical facts, discoveries and innovations. From gravitational curls to strange new worlds; the night sky to the end of time – you’re sure to find something you never knew before in this mind-expanding book, and with stunning images from the latest and greatest observatories, every turn of the page offers a visual treat. It’s the perfect gift for earthlings who love to learn.

Children's Picture Atlas of the stars

ISBN: 978-0008621933

Explore constellations and find out about the bright stars that form them, in this beautifully illustrated book for children. Discover the constellations that can be seen in different parts of the world and the legendary stories behind each one:
• Meet the fearsome lion Leo, one of the most ancient constellations in the skies
• Dive with Hydra, the mythical sea monster that was defeated by Hercules
• Come face-to-face with Orion, the mighty hunter from Greek mythology
From amazing animals and brilliant birds to monsters and monster-slayers – children will love learning about these incredible star patterns and the science, history and myths surrounding them.

ASTRAEA: Exodus from Earth

ISBN: 978-0008550424

After astronomers discover a strange object in space filled with energy crystals that can transform human abilities, a new age of Space exploration begins! Conditions back on Earth have grown hostile, and young Rhea Halley’s world is turned upside down. As people rush to evacuate the Earth, where will Rhea go? This exciting graphic novel was adapted from the first chapters of my in-development children's novel, which will kick-start an epic adventure series that spans the Solar System. With colourful illustrations, evoking a classic comic book style, this book is perfect for reluctant readers. Published by Collins Big Cat in 2023.

Observing our Solar System

ISBN: 978-0008532611

This guide takes stargazers with some experience to their next destination: the Solar System. Learn how our celestial neighbourhood came to be understood – from ancient theories of its mechanics to the modern age of remote sensing, Explore the significant targets for amateur astronomers – the Moon, Sun and planets – to see how they can be observed by eye and with telescopes. Discover some of the more obscure but fascinating worlds, including asteroids and dwarf planets, and dazzling special events, such as meteor showers, conjunctions, occultations and eclipses. This fully illustrated guide includes advice on astrophotography and a list of excellent online resources to support your observing. Published by Collins in 2022.

The Squirrel that Watched the Stars

ISBN: 979-8426091351

The Squirrel that Watched the Stars is the first entry in a novel series of rhyming pictures books for young children called Starry Stories. In this first tale, beautifully illustrated by Anni Betts, a curious squirrel in Greenwich Park longs to learn about the stars, just like the astronomers at the observatory close to his tree. Unable to speak to the astronomers, and with no one else around to help him, it seems the squirrel might never have his questions answered. But just before he goes to bed, he meets an unlikely visitor, who shares her remarkable knowledge to teach him everything he wants to know. This charming bedtime story will take little stargazers on a journey of imagination to learn about the wonders of the night sky. What will you discover about the stars? Published independently in 2022.

The Squirrel that Found the North Star

ISBN: 979-8388782526

Looking at the endless stars in the night sky, the stargazing squirrel feels lost. His friend and guide Cygnus offers to introduce him to some new teachers, who can help him find his way at night. She warns him to be wary of these cold-loving, hairy creatures, who are known for their sharp teeth and large claws. Left all alone, the nervous little squirrel doesn’t know what to expect. Then, out of the darkness, two grizzly beasts suddenly appear and startle him! But the squirrel has nothing to be afraid of. This pair of starry bears is here to show him the North Star. Are you ready to make the way north clear? This second title in the Starry Stories series was published independently in 2023.

Northern Lights

ISBN: 978-0008465551

As a seasoned aurora-chaser, I'm proud to have produced this definitive guide for anyone interested in learning more about this spellbinding phenomenon, or planning their own arctic adventure. Read about the formation, properties and diverse types of auroras. Discover the mythology and history of the Northern Lights, spanning thousands of years. Find out about aurora science from Antiquity to the modern day, including the space age which enabled accurate aurora-forecasting. Finally, learn how to take your own stunning photographs of the Northern Lights. This fully illustrated guide has been well-received by experienced aurora-chasers and scientists alike, and is ideally suited to those who dream to see the Northern Lights one day. Published by Collins in 2021.

YOU CAN Explore the Universe

ISBN: 978-0008420970

Created as part of the fantastic YOU CAN range, YOU CAN explore the universe is the how-to book for kids who love space. It’s easy to understand and tells them exactly what they need to know step-by-step. With easy tips on how, when and where to spot stars and planets, space to scribble and make the book their own, and fun activities guaranteed to ignite curiosity and wonder, this book is ideal for budding young astronomers. I created and curated dozens of thought-provoking exercises and challenges for children aged 7-11, which are perfectly suitable for the home or the classroom. Published by Collins Kids in 2021.

Other titles I've written and contributed to include STARGAZING (co-author, Collins 2016), MOONGAZING (author, Collins 2018), Night Sky Almanac (foreword, Collins 2020) and The Moon (contributor, Collins 2019). Publishers please note that I represent myself, so if you'd like to get in touch about a publishing project, please contact me directly.

As a freelancer, I'm always open to professional collaborations and novel opportunities. However, I do receive a large volume of offers that are not strictly related to my expertise. You can get a sense of what I like to enage in, promote and talk about from my social media, but please don't contact me there. I don't monitor social media DMs - it's always faster to email me.

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I'm an experienced astrophotographer and tutor. My work has been widely published, and I have served as a judge on the world's largest astrophotography competition. Working under the extreme light-pollution of London, as well as some of the darkest skies on Earth, I've developed workflows for maximising the potential of DSLR, mirrorless and mobile cameras in capturing the beauty of the Universe. This gallery contains samples of my work.